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Check out some commonly asked questions by potential clients.

I'm Skeptical about hiring a private investigator.

  1. What are the requirements for private investigators in Idaho?

    You should be skeptical.

     In the state of Idaho there is no licensing requirement, unlike many states. Virtually anyone can represent himself or herself as an investigator.

  2. What can I do to make sure I'm hiring the right investigator?

    Ask specific questions about experience and membership in professional organizations, such as the US Association of Professional Investigators.

    A good investigations company will be happy to tell you about their experience, background in law enforcement, and will show you proof.

  3. Where can I go to check out an investigator?

    Check with the Idaho Secretary of State and Better Business Bureau to see if the company is listed. Any legitimate company should have a file at both organizations. 

    The Idaho Secretary of State's office has a business entity search form available here:

    The Better Business Bureau's site is here:

    The BBB will show if clients have registered complaints against the company, even if they are not accredited.

  4. I've selected an investigator. Now what do I do?

    Meet with the agency you wish to hire and trust your instincts. There should be no high-pressure sales talk. A good investigator will be frank and honest with you about your case and their abilities. 

    Most importantly, be wary of any kind of guarantees from investigators. If they are interested in helping you find the truth, they will not make promises of success. A good investigator will help you understand the chances of success and likely costs involved. Then you can make the decision to retain them or not.

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